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Leaders TrekTM

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The old saying that "leaders are born, not made" may have a comfortable ring to it.  But few organizations can afford to accept such conventional wisdom.  The Leaders' Trek is a highly integrated team oriented leadership development program.  It is a powerful and proven system with content specifically customized on the areas that will have the fastest and most sustainable impact on your business.  Key benefits include:

A Uniquely Powerful Team Experience

Many executive development or training programs entail traveling off-site to a workshop, seminar or other program.  For the returning individual, it is often difficult to integrate new skills and knowledge in to the organization.  Even for a group who travels together for "teambuilding", new learning often fades without a supporting process to continually integrate it into the work of the team and the company.  By contrast, The Leaders' Trek is an extended group experience.  Your people develop a common language, gain new insights into each other and the team and focus energies on pushing upward- not against each other.

An Individual Journey

Complementing and sustaining the team's work is intensive individual executive coaching delivered by the Entelechy Partners coaching staff.  Coaches meet with participants on a bi-weekly basis working specifically with material that they and their colleagues have identified.  In this way, individual leadership growth is fostered within the framework of the team's agenda.

A Focused Pursuit

Every organization has its own path to follow.  the Leaders' Trek delivers tremendous impact by framing the leadership development work within the real work of the organization itself.  In this way, the people, culture, goals, challenges and objectives of the organization become the raw materials for the trek.  Few development experiences are as powerful as watching budding skills and capabilities reshaping the very organization of which you are a a part.

Who Can Benefit from The Leaders' Trek?

The Leaders' Trek is designed for organizations of all sizes.  Any team that has accountability to deliver any business result will benefit from The Leaders' Trek.  Common client situations include:

  • Leadership teams of mid tier companies or operating units of larger organizations who want to mount a purposeful effort to take their organization to a new level of effectiveness and performance.

  • Companies wishing to accelerate development of mid-level managers with high potential for senior leadership.

  • Associations, trade groups and cooperatives who wish to offer a centralized leadership development program to their members.

  • Bet-the-business project teams who will be together for an extended period and need to deliver on critical business goals.

For more information, or to schedule a discussion about how The Leaders' Trek can take your organization to a new level of performance, email us at info@entelechypartners.com.

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