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Entelechy Team Facilitation

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The word “team” may be one of the most overused in business today. It takes time attention and dedication to make a truly effective team out of a group of co-workers. Team facilitation combines leadership coaching with meeting design and facilitation to create an environment focused on productivity and high performance. Team facilitation is appropriate for:

  • Strategic planning, executive team and board retreats.
  • Planning and program oversight for major change initiatives.
  • Culture and other organizational task force issues.

The facilitation process can also be highly effective dealing with conflict resolution, launch events and developmental processes that require safe space for full expression.

Entelechy Partners employs a facilitation process designed to free members of a team to do their best work, and to engender full participation and disclosure. Facilitation and team coaching develops self sustaining team dynamics, modeling a highly effective work process that can change an entire organization.

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