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Coaching is a process that develops skills and capabilities foundational to sustainable management and exceptional leadership. For some, the coaching relationship is focused on identifying behaviors that get measurable near term results. For others, coaching provides the time and environment to further develop those capabilities, enabling broader scale and wider influence.

Generally, coaching is not remedial work. Most executives we coach already know how to get results. Coaching provides the environment, objective feedback and hard nosed questions to examine how those results can be built upon to return greater value to the organization. The Entelechy Leadership Coaching® model works at 3 distinct levels:

Coaching for Results

Working with key executives and managers, an Entelechy Partners Coach will focus on improving results delivered to the organization. Coaching at this level is best suited in cases of:

  • NOVELTY - Executives or teams taking on something new which will require new skills or a novel approach.
  • STRETCH – Executives or teams that are taking on larger versions of familiar challenges that require wider scale and impact for success.
  • STRUGGLE – An executive whose current assignment requires skills that are not part of his/ her core strengths.
  • PROMOTION - Recently promoted managers and executives who have a wider span of control or need to develop influence skills associated with more seniority.
  • MISSION CRITICAL – Executives or teams whose assignments are strategically critical to the success of the organization.

Coaching for Mastery

Executives who have proven their ability to deliver results and lead change often engage with coaches to further their abilities and prepare for ever increasing leadership challenges. In addition, their personal development now depends on ability to balance the need to manage with the organization’s need for leadership. Coaching for Mastery addresses:

  • Examining what is missing in the executive’s organization that prevents or slows great performance.
  • Deepening the results delivery skill set so that it is embedded in the DNA of not only the executive, but his/ her organization as well.
  • Building a deep skill set in the coaching and development of key leaders within the organization.

Coaching for Possibility

CEO’s, Presidents and other top executives often look to Entelechy Partners coaches to provide a sounding board and feedback systems for the further development of the organization. At this level, leaders are focused on creating and sustaining relationships that will fulfill a vision for the future. Coaching for possibility centers on:

  • Sustaining strategic vision and navigation of enterprise level change.
  • Development of influence based skills to deal with core organizational challenge
  • Anticipating and mitigating strategic risk.
  • Increased depth of relationship skills and understanding for the role of developing leaders.

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