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Entelechy Partners services are all aimed at a single outcome- more effective leadership ability reflected in your bottom line. To get there together, we employ 4 foundational capabilities. Click on the links below to learn more.

The Leaders' TrekTM is a new product launched in 2005 specifically for groups and teams.  Using coaching both for leadership teams, and the individuals who comprise them,  Leaders' Trek clients make enormous strides in performance, productivity and profits. 

Leadership Coaching is foundational to the work we do. By developing more effective leaders, your organization removes barriers and improves performance across the organization.

Leadership, 360 Feedback and Cultural Assessment addresses the need to fully identify individual and organizational opportunities for performance and growth.  Entelechy Partners is a consulting partner for The Leadership Circle Profile™ and TLC Cultural Survey™.

Facilitation work supports primarily high performance teams and strategic planning initiatives, ensuring that meetings and events are effective, efficient and future focused.

Keynote Presentations and custom designed development events can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your meetings.

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