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Sales Leadership- the critical role of process in customer acquisition.

The Leadership Bookshelf- The Sales and Marketing Excellence Challenge

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This month, our theme is sales.  In addition to my own article on sales managers as coaches, I am pleased to include an article from Martyn Lewis at Market Partners- actually a chapter on the critical role of process from his forthcoming book, Sales Wise - an anthology of selling stories, follies, and fables.  And this month, we review The Sales and Marketing Challenge by Barry Trailer and Jim Dickie- a compendium of interviews with some of the most creative and successful sales leaders in business.

So, welcome to the new and improved Leader Board.  I sincerely hope that you find it actionable, valuable and worth passing along to your colleagues and clients.  As always, more information is available at www.entelechypartners.com, or you may email me directly at barry.goldberg@entelechypartners.com.


I. Barry Goldberg
Entelechy Partners

November 2004 - Sales and Marketing

Sales Leadership- The Sales Manager as Coach

Almost everything about selling has changed in the last few decades.  Technology, more sophisticated buyers, sharper competition, globalized markets and customized solutions have completely overhauled the craft of professional sales.  So, why is sales management so often still a process rooted in old models and processes?  Here is an explanation of how to get the most from your investment in sales  professionals by training your sales managers as coaches.

Read the whole story here.

Acquiring New Customers- Purposeful Leadership

According to sales process guru Martyn Lewis of Market Partners, "the new customer acquisition process, arguably the most important function in any company, is too often a 'seat-of-the-pants' ad hoc process; rarely documented and understood by so few as to be non-relevant..."  In this chapter form his forthcoming book, Martyn discussed the role of sales leadership as the sponsors of common processes.

Read the whole story here.

The Leadership Bookshelf:

The Sales and Marketing
Excellence Challenge

Barry Trailer
Jim Dickie

This month's book review is a compendium of sales and marketing wisdom, not from pundits, but from a wide range of sales and marketing leaders.  Trailer and Dickie at CSO Insights interviewed a wide range of organizations to understand the state of challenges they face in sales and marketing today.  Whether you sell directly or through channels, locally or globally, product or service, there is useful insight in this book.

Read our review here.




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