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Communicating in the 21st Century

I am excited (and a little nervous) to say that this is the last e-briefing I will write, and probably my last use of this email list. 

The web has changed and new technology allows you to have more control over what shows up in your inbox.  That is a good thing.  I have established a BLOG on the Entelechy Partners site and will be posting future observations, articles and ideas there.  It is my intention that the blog will be host to discussions and guest posts, making it worth your reading time based on the value of each day's content. If you know about RSS and have a reader already, just visit the site and subscribe.  (There is a mail option there as well.)  If you are not yet blog/ RSS savvy, follow this link to an RSS primer and setup guides.  Unlike many web innovations, RSS truly is easy.

Please Note: If you do not subscribe (either by RSS or by Email) to the blog, you will not receive articles or content by email from Entelechy Partners as you have in the past .

It is my hope that through this blog, we will move from a one way email distribution to an open discussion about leadership, leaders and teams.

Why a Blog?

I have been publishing a newsletter for almost 20 years: 

  • It started in print as desktop publishing enabled me to produce an acceptable looking document.  It was revolutionary when I started "On the Wire" to talk about sales force automation (SFA), which was also revolutionary at the time.

  • About the time SFA became CRM (Customer Relationship Management) the World Wide Web and e-mail made publishing electronically possible.  Sending a PDF file was also revolutionary.

  • Then advances in HTML enabled a web based newsletter which meant that we could write more deeply on related topics.  I was very proud to offer thoughts from others who could speak with credibility to the topics we addressed each month in Entelechy Partners' newsletter for leaders: The LeaderBoard .

  • Third party applications, available on the web made a more sophisticated form of web publishing possible, and I moved to Constant Contact, which managed lists and content more closely.  In response to feedback from subscribers, I also shifted content to be single subject and more direct, publishing e-Briefings.

But for all the improvements and prettier publishing, the fundamental relationship between us remained static.  I wrote and sent articles.  Your responses, positive and negative, came only to me.  No open discussions were started and no new connections were made.  The web mail technology provided me ever more information without providing you any meaningful way to engage.  Put bluntly, an email newsletter makes it possible for the writer to feel very smug.  I can unknowingly fill subscribers'  inboxes with useless drivel simply because it is easier for you to hit the delete key than to go unsubscribe.

I have made a choice which I hope will change our static relationship into an online community.  I have created a blog on the Entelechy Partners site where I will continue to post ideas and observations about leadership and leaders.  I will also invite guest authors to post and open the doors to discussion and advocacy about the material there.  It is my hope that the ideas we explore will continue to make visiting the site part of your regular reading and discussion time.

A blog fundamentally changes the relationship.  I will no longer be able to technically peer into your inbox to see who opened, read or forwarded.  You will know (through an RSS reader) when there is new content posted and can choose whether and how to engage.  

The blog offers two ways to subscribe: 

  1. RSS, as described above and in the primer
  2. You may, if you prefer, stay with email. There is a link in the blog's main menu that says "subscribe by email" and you will be prompted for your email address and taken through the usual validation process.  

Also- before signing off, I want to thank you for the trust you have placed in me by allowing me to send my thoughts and ideas each month.  I appreciate the responses I received and the ideas that you suggested.  I really appreciate the numbers of you that have forwarded my articles-and the ever growing number of new subscribers whom I have never met.  I hope that the ideas and the writing valuable enough for you to make this leap with me to 21st century technology.  Thank you again.  See you on the other side!


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