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End of Year Summary 2007. Beginning of Year Changes 2008.

We are grateful again this year for the trust you have placed in Entelechy Partners.  It has been our custom each year to share with clients and friends of the organization our accomplishments for the year, and any changes in strategy or plans for the year coming. With 2007 complete and 2008 ramping up quickly, we have both interesting insights from 07 and exciting plans for 08.

New for 2008:

We are thrilled to announce that Entelechy Partners and Arkansas Business have combined resources provide a one day leadership retreat/ seminar in Little Rock on March 13, 2008. This is a new way for us to work with leaders, but clearly in line with the requests we have had from clients in 2007. Click here for more information about this first time event.

Major Milestones in 2007:

  • Entelechy Partners completed two Leaders’ Trek™ engagements in 2007. One was for the executive committee at a global high technology firm and the other for the Senior Executive Team at an insurance provider. Altogether, 23 executives completed a yearlong team and individual leadership development program with significant impact on their personal and organizational performance.
  • In partnership with Team Coaching International, Entelechy Partners augmented our core capability for coaching team and organizational systems. In our initial 12 months or working with the TCI assessment tool and framework, we have worked with 6 teams in 3 different industries and seen remarkable results.
  • After facilitating the team formation retreat for the Master Leadership Program sponsored by LifeQuest of Arkansas, Entelechy Partners has been asked to take responsibility for the entire leadership development component of the program for 2008.

Here are some metrics from our portfolio of clients in 2007:

Industries served (by percentage of revenue delivered) 2007 saw a continued mix of industries with increasing demand from health care (about 12%) and reduced demand in financial services late in the year.  Perhaps this is no surprise based on the increasing focus on expense reduction in banks with exposure to sub-prime mortgage and the increased focus on effectiveness of delivery in health care.  

Services Delivered by Type:

We report the services we were requested to provide by numbers of those served, illustrating the market’s relative interest in varying leadership development efforts.

  • We saw increasing demand for team focused work and the use of 360 feedback as part of a larger leadership internal development program.

  • Although the absolute number is small, 2007 showed a 100% increase in requests for coaching supervision and advisory work for internal coaching programs and coaches. 

Taken together, these two trends show increased interest in leadership development as a core organizational competency. 

Geographic Distribution of Clients:

Lastly, here is information about where we worked for the year. Because our network and affiliated coaches are global, and our clients are global, our delivery is global as well. Countries where we provided service in 2007 include:

United States


United Kingdom




The Netherlands


Russian Republic

Other Metrics of Interest:

  • Our E-Briefings list grew in 2007 by a factor of 42%- all though requests and forwarded copies by requesting subscribers.
  • We collaborated with 3 other coaching firms to secure or deliver coaching services.
  • We added 3 highly qualified coaches to our network of affiliated coaches who can deliver services in partnership with Entelechy Partners.

Perhaps most gratifying is the level of endorsement we have received from existing clients. You may have seen the website change early in 2007 focusing the home page on client remarks and endorsements. We asked out 12 most active client organizations to participate. All 12 indicated a willingness to provide references where needed. Only one of those 12 declined to appear on the site.

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