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I. Barry Goldberg writes On Leadership a regular article for the Arkansas Business. You can see a listing of recent articles and links to the full text here.

Newsletter Archive

Members of the Entelechy Partners professional staff contribute regularly to journals and publications. And we have published our own best thinking in the form of newsletters, and client articles for years. Here you will find links to both current and older articles published in a wide range of vehicles.

Communicating in the 21st Century
June 2008 I am excited (and a little nervous) to say that this is the last e-briefing I will write, and probably my last use of this email list. The web has changed and new technology allows you to have more control over what shows up in your inbox. That is a good thing. I have established a BLOG on the Entelechy Partners site and will be posting future observations, articles and ideas there.

Jack Nicklaus: The Power of Eldership
May, 2008 I have always thought that Jack Nicklaus is amazing. Now I know it. I watched The Golden Bear do a clinic today at the Alotian Club in Little Rock as part of a major charity event. The real show (at least to me) was not in the techniques- but what he shared about how he approached the game.

End of Year Summary 2007. Beginning of Year Changes 2008.
January, 2008 It has been our custom each year to share with clients and friends of the organization our accomplishments for the year, and any changes in strategy or plans for the year coming.

The Flash of Vision is Not Enough
October, 2007 As leaders, we often idolize the flash of vision that changes everything in an instant. We are conditioned to love the brilliant insight.

Redeeming Sisyphus
July, 2007 Skilled delegation extends the influence of a leader, develops staff, increases productivity and can actually enable that long sought after vacation: the one where you don't check in at all because you know that your staff can handle whatever comes up.

Three Level Thinking
June, 2007 Getting the right answer often depends on seeing the whole to understand what level created the condition and what level of action is needed to address it.

The Cost of Fear and Anger: Avoiding the Amygdala Hijack
May, 2007 Fear is a formidable protector and I am very interested in the active responses engendered when we are hijacked into the aggressive fight-flight-protect mode.

Change is An Optimistic Behavior
April, 2007 Veteran leaders of successful change initiatives know that to accurately design any change, one must "invite the devil to dinner" or at least into the conference room.

Winter, 2006 The idea that we learn behaviors which then become our habitual way of doing things is not new. One of the most basic is the skill of listening.

Summer, 2006 In this issue, we examine courage in mental, inspirational and emotional domains as well as physical. 

Spring, 2006 This quarter, we are examining collaboration- a subject with a wide array of definitions and approaches. 

Holiday Thoughts
November, 2005 This is an inspirational collection of concepts ideas and questions that came from the Georgetown Leadership Coaching alumni symposium this month, including inspiring ideas from David Whyte, our guest speaker.

October, 2005 Since communication is so critical to leadership, the need for courageous speaking and communications is a foundational piece of work that most leaders need to address. Feedback, or the sharing of personal perceptions, is foundational. So, this month we discuss feedback in its many forms.

Executive Coaching for Law Firms
September, 2005 This article, co-authored with fellow Georgetown coach Dan Toohey was originally published in the Institute of Management and Administration's Law Office Management and Administration Report newsletter.

September, 2005 As managers, we are much more focused on answers than on questions.  We like the certainty of answers, and we like our answers neat and plain.  Having an answer tends to stop further questions.

August, 2005 This month, we share some of that experience as well as some of what we have learned about using the power of teams to foster improvements in organizational performance and in individual leadership development.

July, 2005 This month's coaching case explores how a change team discovered the value of organizational resistance.

June, 2005 This month, we explore some practical approaches to emotions at work. Emotion is a difficult domain for executive coaches. Coaching is not therapy, nor is it meant to be; however both therapists and coaches often find themselves presented with the same raw material.

Leading Change
April, 2005 Janet Harvey of Clarity International discusses the important role of influence in leadership. An overview of successful organizational change methods from Barry Goldberg of Entelechy Partners.

March, 2005 It is all too easy to think of the subject of ethics in response to the heinous and deceitful accounting and fraud stories we have seen in the last few years. This month we examine the subject of business ethics and discover that it spans much more than questions of whether or not to cook the books.

February, 2005 There was a time when no business person used any criteria but customers to run the business.  But scale and size have made it hard for today's leaders to do what any shopkeeper understood intrinsically, put customers at the center of strategy. 

January, 2005 Leading innovation is an art and science all its own. Innovation is a meld between change and creativity. Viewed another way, innovation is creativity made commercial.

December, 2004 As we begin to look through the holidays into a new year, what better subject to take on than authenticity?  Named over and over as a foundational trait of the most effective leaders, authenticity is also one of the most elusive concepts to define.

Sales and Marketing
November, 2oo4 Almost everything about selling has changed in the last few decades. Te chnology, more sophisticated buyers, sharper competition, globalized markets and cu stomized solutions have completely overhauled the craft of professional sales.

A Rose by Any Other Name
Oct 06, 2004 Simply renaming a process or title does not make the change a reality, but sometimes there is power in the renaming process.

Deja Vu All Over Again: Portfolio Management Systems
May 18, 2004 Are you looking at potfolio management systems. Like CRM and ERP, remember "Bananrana"- It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it.

Phil Mickelson or the IRS
Apr 15, 2004 In this issue we look at Phil Mickelson's victory at the Master's as a model of leadership attitude and behavior.

What Leaders Know: Focus Meetings on the Future
Mar 30, 2004 Who would have thought that meetings, normally mundane and boring can be a key to fostering effectiveness? Here is a simple way that leaders re-invent meetings for purposeful work.

The ROI of "Just Say No"
Mar 01, 2004 Saying no to the launch of a critical project or program is hard- but failure is even more painful. Here are some thoughts on passing the benefits of better planning to the bottom line.

Communication Is a Leader's Strategic Weapon- But Be Careful Where You Point That Thing!
Feb 10, 2004 The Democratic primaries are just beginning to swing into full gear. And yet, many pundits are saying that the decision is already made in favor of John Kerry. That is odd considering that not so long ago, those same pundits were saying that the nomination was Howard Dean's to lose. So, what happened?

Leadership and Management- Critical Halves of a Powerful Whole
Jan 22, 2004 Our business culture has for years emphasized the value of management science. More recently, we have seen much more attention to the subject of leadership. Leadership is often confused with effective management. Or, worse yet, leadership is written off to some intangible set of personality traits or charismatic charm.


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