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About our Name:

Entelechy (pronounced en-tel'-eh-kee) is a real word. It originates in Aristotelian philosophy and while it is a mouthful to say, entelechy so well describes what we are about that it was too hard to resist as a name and a brand. Here is a link to Dictionary.com’s definition.

Entelechy is about finding and moving toward the best that an individual can be. Each of us has one or more entelechies- a way of being that is fully actualized and produces in us and from our work the best of possible outcomes. Any agency or catalyst that moves us to our own highest and best use is also considered entelechy.

And for us, “Partners” is also a verb. Our delivery model is focused on creating sustainable capability in our client base- not on developing dependency. By insisting that our clients participate in any program or process that we design together, not just as service recipients but as service providers, we truly do partner with our clients. Add to that our partnership with other coaches and consultants so that we can deliver an optimal team to any client engagement and you begin to understand why we chose the name Entelechy Partners- despite how much explaining it often requires.

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